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How To Perform Worship Of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman ji Worship method of hanuman can easily pleased when he is called by true and innocent heart . we have to know just what he likes . Lord Ram devotion , donate to monkeys is best way to happy lord hanuman ji . Chanting his name with his mother anjani , with father keshari , with his beloved deity Shri Ram more effective .

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Steps to get blessings from lord hanuman ji

  • Everyday take sight of lord hanuman idol ,picture
  • Chant hanuman name and mantra after wake up or before sleeping
  • Read one time hanuman chalisa in a day especially after bath or before sleeping .
  • If possible avoid non vegetarian food permanently or Tuesday and Saturday .
  • You must also pray to lord shri ram and mother sita .
  • You may be fast on Tuesday or Saturday and do hanuman ji worship .
  • Chant hanuman mantra with sadhana
  • Every Tuesday offer sindur on hanuman ji idol and offer gud channa prasadam to lord shri hanuman
  • Feed monkeys gud channa and banana




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