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Fast Vrat Story Of Hanumanji

Story of granting child by fast of lord shri hanuman

Once upon a time there was a brahman husband and wife . they had not any child so they were unhappy.The Brahman was super devotee of lord hanuman and always asked him to provide a child in his prayers. Fast Story of HanumanjiOn the other hand his wife used to observe Tuesday fasts and dedicated the day in ther services of lord hanuman .

One Tuesday she was unable to offer any Prasad to balaji and felt guilty So she decided to observe fasts for the whole week .During this week she became too much feeble. Lord Hanuman was very happy to see her dedication and appeared in front of him as little child.

Hanuman blessed the lady a beautiful son who would look after the lady for the whole day and after that he disappeared. The lady named her son Mangal. When the Brahman came back to his house, he saw a young boy playing in his house.

The lady told her husband about the blessings from Lord Hanuman and due to which, she got such a beautiful boy but Brahmin had doubts on it . He planed to kill this boy and  was waiting for an opportunity .
One day he saw mangal fetching water from well . he went near and pushed him in the well and returned to home .soon he hated himself as he did .
He couldnot stand in front of his wife so he decided to leave his home forever.

As a surprise, smiling Mangal suddenly appeared in front of them. That night Brahman got hanuman ji in dreams and told his wife is right. Now the Brahman understood his mistake and begged apologies to his wife . His wife kept on observing fasts on Tuesdays and then they live a happy life forever.

As lord hanuman ji blessed them ,we hope we will be blessed soon.


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