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108 feet Tall Hanuman Idol Delhi

tallest idol in delhi of hanuman  108 feet Shri Sankat Mochan hanuman statue is beauty of delhi . It is on New Link Road, Karol Bagh .
On roadway or metro way this idol provides blessings to sight viewers . Special sight is presented by mandir trust on Tuesday and Saturday morning and evening at 8:15 where lord hanuman idol opening of the chest and coming out of the idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita from the chest.

Mahant shri nagabaga is one of key person to set up this Sankat Mochan hanuman idol . according to him , there is onlyu a dhooni of lord shiva and a small idol of shri hanuman when he visit here . he felt lot of peace at here and decided to make a huge temple and statue of lord hanuman .
There is also vaishno devi shrine and holy ganga flowing here . lord shani dev temple is also famous around his devotes .

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