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Ram Navami Festival

Shri Ram Birth ramnavmiRamnavami is referred as the birthday of Shri Rama comes on the 9th day of the month of Chaitra Month (March-April). it is one of the festivals of Hindus in India. Hindu celebrates Ram navami occasion with tremendous joys in their beloved deity surayvansham shri ram. Lord Rama is idol for for everyone due to his human values . He is regarded the embodiment of humankind, a perfect son.

Celebration of Ram Navami:

The celebrations of Ram Navami are noticeable by having fast, chanting Lord Rama mantras and singing bhajans in the honor of him at their houses or at temples . devotee break the fast at midnight .
Whole day they surrounded in the air of shri ram and his chant.

What devotee do on Ram Navami

Ram Navami Utsav

Devotee of Lord Rama chant various super power manta of shri ram as “ Om Shri Ramaya Namah” and “”
Devotee read Ram charit Manas and Ramayan on that day and enjoy the video and audio bhajans in the admiration of shri ram .
Devotee do fast and dedicate this day in the lotus feet of shri rama
They perform grand pooja by offering flowers, sweets ,milk ,curd etc to shri ram and his whole darbaar.
Various shobhayatra (Decorated Chariot) carried on road and streets and recite the chant of Lord rama

When  Ram Navam Festival falls in  year 2019

Lord Rama birthday fesival – Ram Navami will be comes  on 14th April 2019 .

 – Ram Navami will be comes on 14th April Sunday in 2019 year.

Puja muhrat : 11:05 am to 1:37 pm

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