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Shri Mehandipur Balaji Mandir

Shri Mehandipur Balaji temple is mehandipur balaji idol famous hanuman temple resides in Dausa district of Rajasthan. It is 30 k.m far from Dausa . Devotee throughout India come here to take the divine and miracle sight of shri hanuman . Ghost problems, black magic on persons are solved with the blessings of him at this temple .

The construction of temple :

This temple is built at that place where in past there was a horrible forest. With time it became a small town . The temple resides between two small hills and also called Ghate wale Bala Temple . The balaji idol is self constructed with stones of hill . Remaining temple is constructed according to idol.

Miracle steam of water :

We can see a small hole in the heart of balaji idol from where a water steam is continually flowing and then water is collected at a small tank in the feet of balaji .This sacred water is distributed among devotee.

Three Gods Three Powers :

Ghate wale balaji , Pretraj Sarkar and Bhero Nath are three Gods that remove obstacles of devotee. Suffering person must be offers separate Prasadam to all of them . Laddo to balaji , rice to pretraj and udadh daal to bheronath . two laddo is given to suffering person and remaining Prasad are distributed to animals.


History of temple construction :

According to the 11th saint Ganesh Puri ji , his one ancestor one night got a dream where lord balaji ordered him to built a temple of all three powers . Lord Balaji also showed the place where mandir should be built.


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