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Hanuman Temple Allahbad


Hanuman mandir in allahabad is situated near Sangam Prayag (Mixing point of three major holy river Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati) .The idol of lord hanuman is here in recling postion some below to ground level.

Legend Behind Bade Hanuman temple :

In ancient time a rich businessman lived in the city of Kannauj around 300km north of Prayage He was a great devotee of Shri Hanuman and prayed to Him for a child.He had no more aims except 2 wishes in his life . One he want to become father and second was establishing a temple dedicated to lord hanuman.
So he made a huge statue of lord hanuman and went to Holy water places to bath this idol . once he reached Prayage that night lord hanuman appeared in his dreams and wished to reside this idol here for forever. He also gave his blessings to him to be father .
As per instruction that devotee left for his home leaving behind that statue . in the course of time several areas were inundated due to flood. with the blessings of hanuman the devotee become father .

Saint Balgiri and Lord Hanuman Idol again comes in sight :

A saint Shri Balgiri used to take bath in holy Sangam regularly. One particular day in the month of Magh he was not able to make his trishul pears the sand in bank of the river. He felt that there should be some obstacles below the sand which is stopping him to doing that . Therefore, he carefully dig up and found a huge statue of Lord Hanuman in reclining posture . The noble saint Sri Balgiri was excited and very happy t oget this lord hanuman idol . Everyday he offered Pooja and Prasad to Lord Hanuman statue which was in a reclining position.
He along with many devotee tried many times to stand straight this idol but being so gigantic and heavy , it was not possible for them . so at last they felt that was wish of hanuman to stay here .

How Bade Hanuman ji Idol Looks :


The lord Balaji is holding ‘gadha’ in his right hand. His alert eyes granting full blessings and love on the devotees Near His left foot is Kamada Devi, Kul Devi of Ahi Ravan and on right foot is Ahi Ravan . Lord Rama and Lashmana are sitting on left shoulder . This idol shows his enormous and massive powers .



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