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Bhadra Maruti Temple Khuldabad

bhadra maruti idol

Bhadra Marui temple is dedicated to lord hanuman and resides Khuldabad near Aurangabad in Maharashtra state . There is sleeping or reclining posture of lord hanuman . it is one of the thee hanuman temples of India where lord hanuman is showing in sleeping position . Ellora caves are just 4km away from here .

Why Lord hanuman in reclining posture

According to the local people in ancient time this place was known as Bhadravati and Bhadra sen was the king . King Bhadra sen was ardent devotee of lord shri rama . He used to sing songs in praise of shri rama after taking bath into bhadra kund. He was totally lost in the devotion of shri rama .

One day lord hanuman reached at that place where king Bhadra sen was singing . Lord hanuman attracted too much by the sweet and melodious voice which are coming bottom of his heart .
As long as maruti was listing song he without his knowledge took a reclining posture and continually concentrated on that bhajan. This reclining position called BhAvasamadhi.When king looked that maruti himself enjoying his bhajan he fell down in his lotus feet and asked that this BhAvasamadhi would remains always at here .
Lord hanuman granted and fulfilled his wish . as per the wish lord hanuman today is seen everyone in this BhAvasamadhi.


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