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Guidelins For Devotee Of Hanuman

  • Dedicate youself in the services of lord Balaji.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday either early morning or before sleeping.
  • Visit Hanuman Temple everyday .
  • Also worship lord shri ram .
  • Offer Bananas or Gud Chaana to monkey or needy .
  • Understand meaning of Hanuman Chalisa word for word and remember it while chanting.
  • Make donations to Hanuman temples so that they can be maintained well and more devotees can find solace.
  • Form a group of devotees if possible and chant Hanuman Chalisa in a house or at temple.
  • Focus on one form of God till your faith becomes ripe. Do not waver from one form of God to another. Pray to Lord Hanuman till He blesses you with His Grace.
  • Do Fast on Tuesdays or Saturday and dedicate this Austerity.
  • Improved human values . lord hanuman even every god be happy to that person .
  • Print or Distribute booklets of Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Make donations to needy and thank God for giving an opportunity to serve the needy.
  • Read Sundarakanda once in a week. 
  • Wear a ring or necklace of Lord Hanuman.
  • Be a devoted devotee of Lord Hanuman.
  • Be good and do good. Aim to practice values embodied by Lord Hanuman. When in doubt pray to Him for guidance.
  • Keep cleanliness.
  • Be Thankful for what you have and try to be content with what you possess.

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