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Welcome at one of the most favorite and religious website upon ram bhakt hanuman. Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered deities amongst the Hindu Gods. Lord Hanuman in devotion of shri ram   He is believed an incarnation (rudra) of Lord Shiva and primary devotee of Lord Shri Rama. He is one of the strongest and bravest god ever. He is famous also as Sankat mochan means helper through removing obstacles and problems in his followers’ life . We find his existence in the greatest epic Ramayana wrote by saint valmiki . He is a central character with Lord Rama . He participated and helped so much Rama againt with lanka devil king ravana . He searched goddess sita and informed his master.

Lord Shri Rama

Lord Shri Rama is the most honored deity in hindu mythology. Know about Lord Shri Ram   Lord Shri Ram has all noble qualities as mentioned in Dharma (Religion). He is one who define true dharma. He is the life , breath soul of sanatan vedic dharma . vedic followers consider him perfect hero . He is embodiment of all noble virtue and merits and also incarnation of lord vishnu to protect the earth from evil demons and teach how to live and survives in the path of dharma .

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Enjoy and succeed your life through blessings of Lord Shri Ram and His Devotee of Shri Hanuman ji .

Get Hindi and English lyrics Chalisa ,Aarti, worship method of them. Different types of Maha mantras to invoke them .

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Biggest collection of mp3 bhajans dedicated to shri hanuman and lord shri rama .Listen online and fill more devotion to praise through them .

At here media includes Hanuman Wallpapers Ringtones , Hanuman Bhajan Mp3 Video Songs , Facebook Cover , Lord Hanuman PDF Books You can also share us matireals related to him .

Website Goals

We have started this website RamHanuman.in to expand the glory of almighty God Shri Ram and his argent devotee Lord Hanuman ji . Praying of both provides true happiness in life and will be free to the cycle of birth and death (Moksha). We try our best to serve devotee by providing every type of services at this website platform. we think it is biggest website platform to reach near to get blessings of them . Every Hindu considers his idol to shri rama having good human values. He is the very oldest and first incarnation in the form of human.
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We are also providing details of famous temples of lord hanuman in India.

Also Know top 10 tallest statue of lord hanuman in India .